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Q: Why is insurance so expensive?
A: People who make false insurance claims and abuse the policies and procedures of the system drive up the cost of all kinds of insurance for every one. Across the nation, if there were less fraud and abuse, your rates would be much less expensive.

Q: My son will be 17 years old soon. What do I do about car insurance?
A: The first thing to do is call Capital Coverage, Inc. Based on your prior driving history, type of car, and amount of insurance requested, Capital will help you find affordable coverage.

Q: Does it cost more to insure an expensive luxury car than a Chevy?
A: Most often, the answer is yes. Insurance rates are determined by the New York State Department of Insurance, the regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles, your driving history and the insurance company.

Q: How long does it take to receive my insurance identification card?
A: Capital Coverage will issue you an ID card on the same day your policy is approved.

Q: How can I lower my premiums?
A: You can lower your premiums by driving carefully, comparing different companies' rates, raising your deductible, and installing an alarm system. Taking a "Defensive Driving" course can remove points from your license and lower your insurance premiums. And Capital Coverage may have some additional tips when you ask us.

Q: What payment options are available?
A: Capital Coverage, Inc., and the insurance companies we represent will accept only cash, money orders, or certified checks to issue a policy. Personal checks (and credit cards??) are only accepted for subsequent policy premiums, but not the first purchase payment.